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Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) Division

Tubes for oil and gas fields

VALLOUREC TUBES designs and develops a wide range of solutions for the oil and gas industry. The Group’s Premium offer, sold through the Vallourec Global Solutions brand, combines products and services to provide personalized solutions for oil companies’ requirements in terms of product design, manufacture and use in wells. The Group is a universally acknowledged tube specialist for extreme operating conditions, with expertise in deep wells, corrosive environments, and high temperature/high pressure applications.

The VAM® family of threaded connections is now the world’s best-selling Premium brand.


Product Range:

  • Casing

In dimensions from 4 1/2" through 26", with API thread connections or with VAM Premium Connections

  • Tubing

In dimensions from 2 3/8" through 4 1/2", with API thread connections or with VAM Premium Connections

  • Riser

Production, work over and drilling riser, matched to customers' requirements, in dimensions up to 26"

The connections product line

Casing and Tubing

VAM TOP Family - The new standard
VAM TOP Designed for high performance in compression under combined loads
VAM TOP HC VAM TOP design, to offer High Compression performance under combined loads, equivalent to the pipe body (100 %)
VAM TOP HT VAM TOP design, for drilling liners rotating at High Torque
VAM ACE The ideal connection for All Critical Environments, especially designed for CRA materials
NEW VAM Versatile T & C connection for the majority of today's applications
VAM FJL A Flush Joint Liner connection with maximum clearance and excellent gas tightness
VAM SLIJ II A slimline integral join connection, combining semi-flush slim line OD with high tensile strength and sealability under severe combined loads
VAM HWST A connection for Heavy Wall casing for high pressure wells
VAM MUST A flush heavy wall connection for extreme external pressures as found in squeezing clay and salt domes
DINO VAM A semi premium connection for large casings, with improved running performances
Big Omega A large diameter connection with improved running performances, for conductor pipes, surface and intermediate casing


VAM TOP FE Fatigue Enhanced version of VAM TOP casing for inner riser and drilling riser
VAM RISER P-DW Production riser for Deep Water applications where high fatigue resistance and external sealing are required
VAM RISER WO Work Over riser for well maintenance and early production in deep water applications


VAM® is a registered Trademark of VALLOUREC OIL & GAS FRANCE.



VAM Field Service International

With VAM Field Service International, a full team of international field engineers is at your disposal to assist you 24 hours a day prior, during and after product utilization. With over 129 VAM Field Service International engineers located around the world, VALLOUREC TUBES approved and qualified employees can meet all the oil and gas fields’ requirements throughout the world.

VAM Field Service Beijing (VFSB), a part of the VAM Field International network, provides the following services for both onshore and offshore oil & gas fields:

  • Product support
  • Field services
  • Inspection services
  • Technical support
  • Other services


Licensee Network - Field Services

Around 160 licensee companies worldwide are at our customers' service for the threading and repair of VAM Premium Connections.

A full staff of VAM Field Service engineers is also available to supervise the running of our pipes and threads throughout the world.

Pipe Management

VALLOUREC TUBES integrates storage and pipe management services in some specific places in the world.

These shops are strategically located near all major oil and gas fields.

Research and Development

VALLOUREC TUBES operates 6 R&D centers with necessary resources to develop higher-performance, safer, technological solutions as well as new manufacturing process. Thanks to this R&D organization and the fruitful synergies developed with numerous partners, the Vallourec Group can maintain our technological leadership